Investment with Us

Investment Criteria

The funds

invest into equity capital or share interests in companies.

The invested amount

ranges from 5 to 20 million euros; larger investments are possible in cooperation with a co-investor.

Suitable investment opportunities

We seek out suitable investment opportunities and evaluate them in particular according to the following criteria:

  • company with a proven history of several years
  • strong growth potential
  • experienced management team with demonstrated ability to implement development projects

The fund

typically exits its investment in the company within three to seven years of the investment, usually by sale to a strategic investor. The exit strategy must be clear at the time of our entry into the company

We do not invest into

 projects in the following areas:

  • real estate
  • the arms industry
  • gambling
  • adult entertainment
  • tobacco products and spirits

We do not provide

standard loans, or pure project financing.

Our Investments
and Case Studies

More information

Investors in Genesis Funds include:



Investors in Genesis Funds are renowned local and international institutions.

The investors in Genesis Funds – renowned national and international institutions – are a guarantee of the financial stability of the Funds’ investment activities, also contributing to the professionalism and transparency of the entire process.

Our Funds


Genesis Private Equity Fund IV

Established: 2021
EUR 150 million

Fund detail


Genesis Private Equity Fund III

Established: 2015
EUR 82 million

Fund detail


Genesis Private Equity Fund II

2009 - 2021
EUR 40 million

Fund detail


Genesis Private Equity Fund

2003 - 2013
EUR 30 million

Fund detail


Czech and Slovak Private Equity Fund

1999 - 2006
USD 20 million

Fund detail


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