Responsible investing


The responsible approach to investing has always been an important part of Genesis Capital’s culture. We seek to invest in sound companies operating in ethical way and in line with the Environmental, Social and Governance principles. We strive to further strengthen portfolio companies’ capabilities in these areas and believe that promoting responsible conduct of business creates value not just for our investors but for all stakeholders and communities we cooperate with.

Our ESG policy is an integral part of our corporate operations and sets out how Genesis Capital integrates sustainability principles in our activities.


In 2022 Genesis Capital became a signatory of Principle for Responsible Investments, which has further formalized our commitment to work on ESG improvements implementation progress and to standardize related information sharing.

There are several other formal policies which Genesis funds adhere to, as stipulated in their respective agreements with certain Limited Partners(EIF, EBRD, etc.) that relate mainly to Environmental and CSR principles. On practical level, Genesis funds monitor that the basic principles and conditions for promoting the relevant Sustainable Development Goals are in place in their portfolio investment companies. Also, as a member of the Czech Venture Capital Association, we adhere to Invest Europe’s Code of Conduct.

ESG Disclosures

Genesis Capital SFDR Disclosure