Genesis Fund Enters the Pharmaceutical Sector, Acquires QUINTA-ANALYTICA


Genesis Private Equity Fund III (GPEF III), a private equity fund advised by Genesis Capital, has completed the acquisition of 75 % of the company QUINTA-ANALYTICA, an established provider of R&D and regulatory services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic drug industries. It is a first investment for GPEF III, which has approximately 80 million EUR available for investments to small and medium-sized enterprises in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The entry of GPEF III into QUINTA-ANALYTICA can be seen as one of the possible solutions of the succession-type transactions, which have recently become a big topic for Czech SME companies. Three out of the five current company owners decided to leave the company after twenty years of active management. GPEF III bought their share and became the owner of 75 % of the company. The remaining 25 % are held by two managers that are staying with the company.

“The pharma sector is very appealing to a financial investor of our kind, as evidenced by numerous global M&A transactions in recent years, also in the CRO segment,” says Jan Tauber, Managing Partner of Genesis Capital, the local advisor to Genesis Private Equity Funds. “QUINTA-ANALYTICA features a long history of hard work of numerous chemists, doctors and biologists that laid down a stable foundation of a highly competitive company with international reputation. We appreciate the current company’s position as one of the leading service providers of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the potential for further international development.”

The biggest clients of QUINTA-ANALYTICA are drug manufacturers and contractual research organisations (Contract Research Organization, CRO) predominantly from Europe.

The funding and support from GPEF III could help the company grow not only organically but also through add-on acquisitions. “There are numerous small and medium-sized companies in Europe in areas that could suitably complement our activities, both in preclinical and clinical studies as well as in the area of pharmaceutical analyses,” says Marika Pečená, one of the members of the new top management, and adds: “We believe that Genesis will be the right equity partner in our quest in realizing the future growth strategy.” Going forward, QUINTA-ANALYTICA will focus on further expansion of the services offered in the phase I clinical studies as well as services related to the bioanalytical laboratory and drug quality control for pharmaceutical producers and drug importers in new territories. The entry into the area of original drugs or laboratory services related to the research of large molecules also figure to be part of future strategic development.

As standard in all of Genesis investments, a special emphasis was given to a thorough assessment of the company´s management as the cornerstone for the future success of the company. Continuing managers Marika Pečená and Marcela Písačková appear to be the right fit to fully take over the managerial duties and stand responsible for further strategic development. One of the founders, Miroslav Ryska, will stay with the company for a transitionary period as the member of the supervisory board. “I view the gradual managerial replacement as highly beneficial for the company. New ideas and innovative approaches in combination with the long-term experience and expertise will push QUINTA-ANALYTICA further,” says M. Ryska. He admits that he no longer has the ambition to get involved in the executive role, but still savours the passion to pass on his experience.



Founded in 1997 and based in Prague, QUINTA-ANALYTICA s.r.o. is one of the biggest independent companies in Central and Eastern Europe specialising in commercial services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic drug industries as a contract research organization (CRO). The main domains are pharmacokinetics and BA/BE clinical studies, bioanalytics, drug analysis including method development and transfer, batch quality control release, stability studies, analytics in inhalation antiasthmatics, peptides and proteins. QUINTA-ANALYTICA is regularly inspected by European agencies represented in Czech Republic by State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) and has also successfully passed through several audits of the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

QUINTA-ANALYTICA consists of six divisions, the biggest is the Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control Division. R&D Division develops methods for pharmaceutical analyses. Bioanalytical Division analyzes samples from pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetics and bioequivalences studies, including pharmacology and biostatistics. The company also has 2 in-house Clinical Units at its own facility. The Units are used for clinical studies according to the GCP guidelines. The youngest professional division – Department of Biophamaceuticals – focuses on analysis of biological drugs, in particular proteins and peptides.

QUINTA-ANALYTICA employs 130 people, with one half working on pharmaceutical analysis and quality control. In 2015, the company´s sales reached 256 million CZK.

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