Genesis is exiting from another company. International group Roth Industries acquires Roltechnik


The ownership of an important Czech manufacturer of sanitary equipment – Roltechnik seated in Třebařov in the region of Pardubice – changed in mid-July of this year. Genesis Private Equity Fund II (GPEF II), owning 90% of the Company, sold its share to the international group Roth Industries. Three senior managers of Roltechnik also sold their shares together with Genesis, therefore Roth Industries is becoming the sole owner of the Company.

The history of more than twenty years, good business results and prospects for further growth are the main reasons why Roth Industries – a strong group headquartered in Germany – became interested in Roltechnik. One of its divisions focuses on sanitary systems, and the Czech manufacturer fits well into its portfolio.

Matthias Donges, Chief Executive Officer of Roth Industries, the new owner, said when commenting on the future business strategy: “The acquisition of Roltechnik is an important setting of the course for the further internationalisation of our business activities and the enlargement of our product ranges in the sanitary sector. We have a long lasting cooperation, we know the company, people and performance very well. Business principles and company cultures are quite similar. This is a perfect base for a smooth and fast integration. Roltechnik has a huge reputation in Eastern European markets and an excellent network in the professional market. The combination of the strengths of both organisations will be the benefit for our customers.”

Roltechnik is an important manufacturer of shower stalls and other bathroom equipment. The entry of Genesis Funds into the Company in 2008 was a typical example of how to solve the succession within a business. The original owner wanted to exit the firm and even selected his successor for the position of CEO. However, a strong financial partner was needed to take over the business and help with its further development.

Genesis entered Roltechnik in a period when the mood in the construction sector – to a large extent the crucial sector for the success of the firm – was not very positive. Nevertheless, the Company managed to not only get through that crisis but also to launch new growth. Under the GPEF II ownership, Roltechnik expanded its product range and started with its own manufacturing of acrylate shower bases. The new management headed by CEO Jiří Šejnoha played an important role in that process.

“The example of Roltechnik is proof that with good management, you can achieve success even in periods when your company sector is in trouble,” says Jan Tauber, Managing Partner of Genesis Capital, the local advisor to Genesis Private Equity Funds. Experienced and competent management is one of the key factors for Genesis Capital when deciding about the entry of the fund into a company.

In addition to GPEF II, the Company managers also sold their share (in total 10%) to the new owner; however they kept their positions and continue to manage the Company. “Thanks to the support of Genesis, we were able to substantially expand the sales under our brand in several European countries and also to increase the manufacturing volumes of high-end products in the area of shower stalls that we supply to some important Western European companies” says the CEO of Roltechnik Jiří Šejnoha when commenting on the success from the recent past. “Roth Industries is our long-term client and therefore this acquisition is a natural development that also provides a guarantee for our long-term presence in the Western European markets. On the other hand, Roltechnik is an excellent base for further expansion of Roth Industries in Eastern Europe. We are very pleased that we found a new home in this successful family-owned company. Seventy years of history and long-term experience of Roth promises stability, growth and a good future for Roltechnik”.

Roltechnik is currently the leader in its market segment in the Czech and Slovak markets and is exporting over half of its production to over 20 European countries.

The Prague office of the international advisory firm EY served as advisor to the selling party (GPEF II) during the transaction.

About Roltechnik

Roltechnik was founded in 1991 and is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of shower stalls, acrylic bathtubs, bases and hydro-massaging equipment. At present, the Company has two manufacturing plants in Třebařov and in Červená Voda, together representing 16,000 m2 of manufacturing and storage areas.

Due to meticulous work on the production and finishing of the products, soon after the founding of the Company and commencement of manufacturing Roltechnik acquired numerous clients not only in the Czech market but also in more demanding markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At present, Roltechnik is actively present in more than twenty European markets.

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About the Roth Industries Group

Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG comprising various firms and more than 1,200 employees all over the world is one of the most innovative companies in the areas:

      Building Solutions - Divisions: Energy Systems, Sanitary Systems, Environmental SystemsIndustrial Solutions – Divisions: Composite Technology, Plastic Technology, Hydraulic Technology


The head office of the medium-sized traditional company is located in Dautphetal, Hesse. While the company’s strategic direction, the controlling, auditing as well as the balance and financial planning is effected from there, the local employees are responsible for the development, production and marketing of the products.




25 production and sales companies of Roth Industries are acting all over the world - in core segments as world market leader.

Roth Industries bundles all activities of the companies belonging to the group in Germany and abroad. The company is owned by the Roth family to 100 %.

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